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The project's aim is to reveal and promote alternative practices of transformation and re-circulation of materials through workshops, events and dialogues.

The central and necessary tool for the development of the project is the transportable Crunchy Crusher machine, which can transform waste material into new raw material for a wide range of uses. Frantoio Sociale has taken part and cooperated in several experimental projects over the years: in 2021, in Venice, as part of the exhibition ‘Non-Extractive Architecture’ and in 2022 during the Milan Design Week through workshops, exhibitions, talks and itinerant performances to explain demolition as a circular process to be exploited.

For ALCOVA 2023 Frantoio Sociale presents itself to the public as a meeting space to discuss circularity, material flows, waste, raw materials and much more. A cooperative working environment in which to explore different techniques for transforming and recovering materials found on the ALCOVA worksite to create objects, prototypes and new materials.

Guests line-up

Our collaborative working space will host a series of designers who will join us during the entire exhibition through presentations, workshops and exhibits

Charly Blödel

Live Mon 17th April 2023

Seed brick
Angelo Renna

Live Tue 18th April 2023

Cantiere Aperto

Live Wed 19th April 2023

Cecilia Casabona and Ginevra Petrozzi

Live Thu 20th April 2023


Live Thu 20th April 2023

Benedetta Pompili

Live Fri 21th April 2023

Stone Clay
Laisa Cordes

Live Sat 22th April 2023


On permanent display

Andrea Bonzio and Cecilia Raimondi

On permanent display

S is for Stone
Material Crush - UniBz

On permanent display

Abitare Circolare
Esperimenti Architettonici

On permanent display

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Frantoio Sociale is an investigation into the potential of demolition as a design field of action.

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